LED Rear Combination Lamps And LED Front Fog Lamps

The LED rear combination lamps emit a brilliant light when activated. Integrated 3D crystal light guides for the tail and brake lamps add an elegant L-shaped Lexus touch to the rear styling. They look beautiful even when turned off. Reinforcing Lexus’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, the beautifully designed LED fog lamps integrated into the bumper are extremely small, reducing power consumption while providing a bright beam that contributes to safe driving.

Luxurious Comfort

The front/rear adjustment of the driver’s seat cushion lets you make subtle adjustments to the cushion length, to fit your physique and personal preferences for comfort and support while driving. Power adjustments on the front seats let individuals with a wide range of physiques tailor the optimum position of comfort and support. Adjustments include slide, tilt, lifter, recline and lumbar support. A power retractable ottoman provides comfortable leg support for the front seat passenger, enhancing individual comfort. The seat cushion can be adjusted so the front edge of the cushion supports the calves.

Shimamoku And Leather Steering Wheel

A signature feature is the Shimamoku (striped wood) layered wood grain pattern of the steering wheel, which was created by experienced craftsmen to complement the horizontal lines of the instrument panel and interior design.

Rear Seat Entertainment and Rear Seat Controls

For superb entertainment on the move, this system offers a home theater experience in the rear seats. It incorporates a Blu-ray Disc player that supports various media, large 9-inch VGA (Video Graphics Array) display, and a convenient SD card slot. 

Rear Seat Controls

The center console in the rear seats gives passengers convenient fingertip control of various amenities, including temperature and seat adjustments. A premium remote controller for the rear seat entertainment system enables simple operation of the system.

Lexus Climate Concierge

The Lexus Climate Concierge concept realizes a human-centered approach to individual occupant comfort. The system automatically controls the cabin temperature, and the Comfortable air seats that directly touch occupants.

12.3-Inch Multimedia Display

The 12.3-inch color EMV (Electro Multi-Vision) display set in the upper center console provides quick interactive access to information and control of the many of the car’s systems, including navigation, audio and climate control.

Multi-Information Display

Positioned in the upper center of the meter cluster, the large 5.8-inch color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) multi-information display provides a wide range of vehicle information, data, and warnings through user-friendly graphics. The self-illuminating, 4-eye Optitron meters communicate vital information in a glance. The illumination color changes to reflect the drive mode selected, and the brightness adjusts automatically in response to driving conditions.

Mark Levinson Audio

The Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound System was fine-tuned to produce the exceptional sound quality of a home theater. The system’s 15-channel 450-watt amplifier drives 19 speakers that support 5.1-ch and 7.1-ch surround sound architecture.

Advanced Illumination System

Expressing the Lexus philosophy of “Seamless Anticipation”, the LS greets you on your approach. The convenience of the subtle on-off timing sequence, and warmth and brightness of the LED interior illumination provide an inviting welcome and relaxing environment

Distinctive Wheel Options- 18-Inch Aluminum Wheels

The 10-spoke design of these aluminum wheels gives a subtle sporty accent to the LS’s elegance.

Distinctive Wheel Options 18-Inch Aluminum Noise Reduction Wheels

Sharp and sculptural, the sporty sophistication of the 5 twin-spoke wheels complement the body’s dynamic styling. An innovative hollow rim structure helps to reduce weight and suppress tire noise, enhancing quietness in the cabin.

Distinctive Wheel Options 19-Inch Aluminum Wheels

The 3-dimensional 15-spoke design of these large 19-inch wheels combines a feeling of luxury and strength, complementing the dynamic and elegant body styling.

Distinctive Wheel Options 19-Inch Aluminum Noise Reduction Wheels

The contrasting spoke shape of the 7 twin-spoke design conveys a sense of depth and sportiness. An innovative hollow rim structure helps to reduce weight and suppress tire noise, enhancing quietness in the cabin