4.6-Liter V8 Engine

The outstanding smoothness and power delivery are the products of advanced engine and production technologies. The cylinder block is die-cast in lightweight aluminum alloy for smooth precise running, and the engine mounts carefully refined to suppress transmission of vibration to the cabin.


Superb aerodynamics contribute to the fuel-efficient performance and quiet comfort of the cabin, even in high-speed driving. Refinements to reduce drag include aero stabilizing fins on the front door frames and rear combination lamps, and optimizing the shape of the front bumper.

Front/Rear Suspension

The multi-link type, electronically controlled air suspension with AVS delivers a high level of flat ride comfort together with outstanding linear steering feel. The system links control of the suspension on all four wheels to simultaneously damp bounce, roll and pitch. The multi-link front and rear suspension incorporates FAD Shock Absorbers to suppress small and rapid oscillations, contributing to ride comfort and handling stability in various driving conditions.


The highly rigid body structure with refined structural braces contributes to handling stability and ride comfort. Innovative production technologies include laser screw welding and body adhesives that enhance the rigidity of panel joints.

Drive Mode Select

You can tune the performance of the LS to suit your driving style. Selecting Eco Mode changes the throttle control and air conditioning characteristics for fuel-efficient eco-driving. Comfort Mode adjusts the suspension for a super smooth ride. Sport S Mode and Sport S+ Mode refine powertrain settings for dynamic acceleration.