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LS_2021_F Sport_F SPORT brakes

Exclusive F SPORT brakes featuring the Lexus logo consistently deliver stable braking performance to enable aggressive sporty driving. The combination of opposed 6-piston monoblock aluminum calipers on the front, opposed 4-piston monoblock aluminum calipers on the rear, and high-friction brake pads contributes to high rigidity and excellent fade resistance. Large, 2-piece disc rotors on the front provide stable braking while limiting thermal deformation, and contribute to reducing unsprung weight.

LS 2021_F Sport_VDIM & LDH

VDIM and LDH help to optimize control of six types of vehicle movement, longitudinal, vertical, lateral, yaw, roll and pitch, by controlling vertical motion using active stabilizers. In normal driving conditions, integrated control of the active stabilizers and LDH suppresses yaw and roll, maintaining intuitive vehicle response, natural roll posture, and a stable posture across a wide range of speeds. At the limits, the integrated control extends to the active stabilizers and other systems to help assist confident and comfortable driving.