GS Safety - Head-Up Display

Vehicle data such as the current speed, engine rpm and gear shift selection is projected directly onto the windshield in the driver’s field of view. Simplified navigation  commands, audio settings or other selectedvehicle data can also be viewed in the head-up display. (Optional)

GS Safety - Advanced Safety

EBD works with ABS (Anti-lock BrakeSystem) to help ensure optimum brake force is applied to each wheel. In emergencies, theBrake Assist system automatically increases brake force. TRC enhances the ability to grip the road,especially when starting off or acceleratingon uneven or slippery surfaces. Correctivemeasures are applied the moment the riskof wheelspin is detected, to help maintaintraction. Hill-start Assist Control maintains brakingpressure to help prevent the S350/GS250from moving backwards when starting on aslope.

GS Safety - Advanced Pre-Crash Safety, Radar Cruise Control

The GS is available with Lexus’s advanced pre-crash safety system with drivermonitor with eye open/close detection system (Optional). Using sophisticatedradar and camera technology, it will warn you if you are not facing forward or if youreyes close for a certain length of time, and activate pre-crash brake assist andpre-crash seatbelts if it senses a collision is imminent. This radar technology is alsoused for the sophisticated radar cruise control (Optional).