LS 2017_Safety_LED cornering lamps/multi weather lights

The LED cornering lamps contribute to confident driving when turning left or right at night and in the rain by distributing more light in the direction of forward travel and to the sides. The multi weather lights help reduce glare caused by light from the headlamps projected forward when driving in fog at night, while providing sufficient light in front of the vehicle to give a good field of view.

Ls 2017_Safety_PUH (Pop Up Hood)

The innovative PUH helps to provide pedestrian protection in the event of a frontal collision, and at the same time enables a sporty design with a low hood line. When sensors mounted in the front bumper determine that the vehicle has collided with a pedestrian, the hood instantly pops up on four fulcrum points to create a space to help absorb the impact force.

LS 2017_Safety_AHS (Adaptive High-beam System)

When the system detects a vehicle within the area illuminated by the high beams, it disables/enables 8 upper and 16 lower LEDs on each side to partiallyblock light from the high-beam headlamps so that they don’t directly project onto a preceding or oncoming vehicle. In this way, it helps to provide the driver with good visibility by illuminating road signs and other objects in front of the vehicle, without dazzling other vehicles.