Lexus LC safety PUH (Pop Up Hood)

The innovative PUH helps to provide pedestrian protection in the event of a frontal collision, and at the same time enables a sporty design with a low hood line. When sensors mounted in the front bumper determine that the vehicle has collided with a pedestrian, the hood instantly pops up on four fulcrum points to create a space to help absorb the impact force.

Lexus LC safety LKA & AHB

LKA(Lane Keeping Assist) alerts the driver with a buzzer and on the multi-information display if the system judges the vehicle is about to cross the lane markings without using the turn signals, and assists steering to help avoid lane departure. AHB (Automatic High Beam System)helps safe driving at night by instantly switching from high to low beam when the lights of an oncoming vehicle, or the tail lights of a vehicle in front, are detected.

IS 2017 - Safety Pre-Crash Safety System

When the millimetre-wave radar and monocular camera detect a collision with a vehicle ahead is likely, it alerts the driver using a buzzer and on the multi-information display, and activates pre-crash brake assist when the driver depresses the brake pedal. If the driver cannot depress the brake pedal, then it activates the pre-crash brakes to help avoid a collision or mitigate the impact force.