A slim 3-projector lamp unit above and innovative BladeScan AHS headlamps below help provide excellent night-time visibility for reliable, stress-free driving. The BladeScan system provides broad natural illumination range in high beam, to help support early recognition of pedestrians and road signs at night. The L-shaped LED DRL in the middle provide fade-in and fade-out ‘Omotenashi’ illumination after the doors are unlocked and locked.

Rear combination lamps

The distinctive L-shaped rear combination lamps blend harmonious form, heightened by the use of Piano Black trim, with advanced functionality. The sequential turn signal lamps illuminate in a sharp, well-defined flow that intuitively communicates the turning direction to following vehicles. Aero stabilizing fins integrated into the design contribute to excellent handling stability. All lamps, including on the trunk lid, use LEDs.

Hands-free power trunk lid

Even if both hands are full, when carrying the Electronic Key you can open and close the trunk lid automatically by moving your foot under the rear bumper.

28-way power front seats

The newly-developed ` system provides fine-grained support for every part of the body. Shoulder supports for the shoulder blades help steering operation. The upper body is also supported during cornering, enhancing the feeling of unity with the car. Hip support provides special support for the back of the hips, to help maintain posture during braking and cornering. Cushion side supports provide a high degree of grip, contributing to stable body hold during cornering.

22-way power rear seats and power ottoman

The power rear seats use motors and a pneumatic system that inflates and deflates air bladders to make fine-grained adjustments to every aspect of the seats. The rear seat behind the front passenger’s seat has a maximum 1020mm of foot room and a power ottoman that provides generous support to the lower legs so the occupant can relax in refined comfort. In addition, three position presets allow the occupant to choose their preferred posture. ‘Business’ is the normal position. ‘Entertain’ reclines the seatback to a relaxing angle and positions the front passenger’s seat for optimal viewing of the rear seat display. ‘Relax’ moves the front passenger’s seat to the forward-most position and deeply reclines the rear seatback to optimize the rear seat space.

Rear seat entertainment system

The rear seat entertainment system includes 11.6-inch displays that automatically adjust with the seat position to maintain an excellent angle for easy viewing, a Blu-ray Disc player, SD card slot, and a HDMI jack that enables the connection of a computer or other devices. Rear seat passengers can also enjoy videos, music and other media stored on mobile devices using Miracast or DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance).

Rear multi-operation panel

The multi-operation panel in the rear center armrest puts intuitive control of the audio, air-conditioning, seat and relaxation functions, sunshades and lighting at your fingertips.

Mark Levinson QLI Reference Surround Sound System

This newly-developed 16-channel 3D surround sound system drives 23 speakers. The 7 Unity speakers, ceiling speakers and QLI (Quantum Logic Immersion) surround technology fill the cabin with uniform sound quality, enveloping the listener in natural realistic sound with the precise positioning of a live sound stage, excellent separation and dynamic reproduction of sound sources.

Cool box

Air chilled by the rear cooler in the trunk space circulates through the cool box to keep items cool. Cool air vents allow the airflow to be switched on and off as required.

Power sunshades Rear doors, rear quarter windows and rear window

The rear window sunshade covers the entire window on both sides with no gaps. Operation of the rear quarter window sunshades is linked with the rear door window sunshades to provide comfort and privacy in the rear seats.

Front refresh seats

Air bladders integrated into the seatback and seat cushion are inflated to apply pressure from the occupant’s back to the thighs, contributing to a feeling of relaxation. Programs can be selected for the entire body as well as particular areas (Upper Body, Lower Body and Lumbar).

Remote Touch Interface

The Remote Touch Interface is designed for smartphone style operation. The cursor can be adjusted to stop following flick operation to suit the user’s preferences. Pinch-in and pinch-out operation enables continuous in and out zooming.

Lexus Climate Concierge

Lexus Climate Concierge coordinates with the 4-zone independent temperature control to automatically control the auto air conditioner with the seat heaters, seat ventilation and steering wheel heater to provide optimal comfort for each occupant. The body surface temperature of occupants is detected by IR (Infra-red Rays) matrix sensors to quickly provide the optimal level of comfort for all occupants. It also detects sunlight in the early morning and at sunset and controls the vehicle’s climate control system to maintain comfort.

Electronically controlled air suspension (With access mode)

In addition to the vehicle height adjustment function which can be switched between Normal and High settings, access mode automatically raises the vehicle to make ingress and egress easy.

Easy Access Buckles (Front seats)

To make the front seatbelts easy to use, the seatbelt buckle lifts up when the door is opened and then moves back down once the seatbelt is fastened.