The Dynamic Face Of Luxury


Through its fresh expression of Lexus philosophy, the LS evolves not only the future of all Lexus cars, but also conventional ideas of premium luxury. The bold dynamic styling with the signature ‘spindle grille’ is a captivating introduction to a refined and exhilarating driving experience. In its highest form the LS excites with the instantaneous power of Lexus Hybrid Drive, and is given a sporty edge by the F SPORT package. In the deep silence of the cabin, the spirit of hospitality is imbued in the fine craftsmanship and seamless integration of advanced safety and user-friendly technologies, expressed in the warm welcome of the ambient illumination and personalized comfort of the sophisticated climate control system.


The quality of the craftsmanship is impeccable: exquisitely finished leather, beautifully grained wood inserts, flawless paintwork that shines bright and long. The steering wheel available in a new traditional stripped wood Shimamoku finish. For ‘innovation’ we strived to stay ahead of the times through active evolution to meet our customers’ current and future expectations. This fusion is realized in the fresh and intriguing designs, outstanding driving performance and comfort, advanced safety technologies and cutting edge features, that forge a strong emotional bond between the car, driver and passengers.”

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The outstanding smoothness and power delivery are the products of advanced engine and production technologies. The cylinder block is die-cast in lightweight aluminum alloy for smooth precise running, and the engine mounts carefully refined to suppress transmission of vibration to the cabin.

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The Lexus Climate Concierge concept realizes a human-centered approach to individual occupant comfort. The system automatically controls the cabin temperature, and the Comfortable air seats that directly touch occupants.

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When AHS detects the lights of an oncoming vehicle or the tail lights of a car in front, it automatically controls switching of the headlamps from high beam to low beam and adjusts the illumination range in response to the movement of the detected vehicle,enhancing nighttime driving by enabling more frequent use of the high beams.

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F Sport

The structure and large side supports were designed to provide firm upper body hold for an authentic sports driving experience. They are finished in exclusive perforated leather and stitching, with an F SPORT emblem on the headrest.

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The high-efficiency regenerative brake system activates the motor as a generator while decelerating and braking, converting the moving vehicle’s kinetic energy into electric energy and using it to charge the battery.

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    White Pearl Crystal Shine
  • White Pearl Crystal Shine
  • White Nova Glass Flake
  • Graphite Black Glass Flake
  • Sonic Silver
  • Sonic Titanium
  • Sleek Ecru Metallic
  • Red Mica Crystal Shine
  • Mercury Gray Mica
  • Amber Crystal Shine
  • Black
  • Black Opal Mica


    Black and Saddle Tan
  • Black and Saddle Tan
  • Black and White Grey
  • Black and Mellow White
  • Topaz Brown (Semi Aniline LEather)
  • Black
  • Mellow White
  • Ivory